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A lot of kids and their families in Ukraine lost everything and left their homes
because of war
, but nobody lost the desire to play hockey and the faith in victory.




Our goal is to let children get back on the ice and do what they love most.


We help children with hockey equipment. And we are also trying to find teams
for them in Ukraine where itís safe, as well as in Europe, Canada, and the USA.






After the war in Ukraine is over, our main goal will be to build an ice hockey arena
with a player development center inside it. The center will have modern equipment
(a treadmill for skating, shooting zone, physical development area, video room, etc.).




Hello, my name is Nikolai Ladygin. I have dedicated all my life to ice hockey.


I have also created a charity foundation to help kids in Ukraine play ice hockey
during this difficult time of war.









Help for children's hockey in Ukraine:






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